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Find the Right Fit.


Short Build

If you are shorter than average, wear a shorter length suit. A pant leg with little slack will help you look taller, subsequently showing some cuff will lengthen the look of your arms. A coats with a lower button will create longer lines that help make you appear taller.

We suggest going with our Slim Fit Tuxedos, and when measuring estimate on the lower end to ensure a tight, lean fit.


Tall Build

If you are taller than average, we have plenty of tuxedos that can fulfill your needs. First of all, lighter colors will add width to a narrow frame. A two button tuxedo looks great on you, just keep the amount of cuff you show to a minimum and make sure to have a little slack in your trousers. 

We suggest going with our Traditional or Modern Fit Tuxedos, and be conservative when measuring so that we can make sure your coat and pant sizes aren't too snug, rather carry just the right amount of spacing to ensure comfort and a pleasant appearance.



Large Build

First things first, we understand the challenges of finding a tuxedo or suit that fits you just right, specifically the shirt and pant sizes. That's why we suggest the following: flat-front pants – they are made for comfort, a simple and classy shirt – avoid patterns, keep your jacket buttoned unless sitting for a more distinguished look and wear a pocket square so as to bring focus to your chest.

We suggest going with our Traditional or Modern Fit Tuxedos. Make sure to precisely measure your neck, waist and hips so that we can make sure to tailor the perfect fit for you.


Athletic Build

Just because you have a solid build doesn't mean you should overestimate your measurements, this will make your jacket look baggy and oversized. Instead, wear a two button jacket which will accentuate your V-shape and wear low-collar shirts for a thicker neck.

Peak lapels will over exaggerate your chest and shoulders and make your head look smaller. Don't attract any added attention to your chest area and avoid pocket squares. A sharp look is created with balance.

We suggest going with our Slim Fit Tuxedos. The biggest challenge with your body type is a suit that fits your larger than average chest size without creating bulky sides, that's why make sure to place extra emphasis when measuring your chest, neck, sleeves and waist. This way we can make sure to tailor your jacket to your V-shape upper body while finding a a perfect fit for your slacks.